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Ankle Sprains

ankle sprain

Ankle sprains are a common occurrence in all age groups. 90 percent of ankle sprains are what are called “inversion sprains.” An inversion sprain occurs when the foot twists so that the bottom of the foot turns in toward the other foot.


Symptoms commonly include bruising, swelling, and pain. Stretched ligaments, tendons and nerves may be tender for several months. An x-ray should be performed to rule out fractures. In some cases, an MRI, arthrogram, or CAT scan may also be necessary.


One major complication of the ankle sprain is reinjury due to weakened ligaments and tendons. Hightop shoes or ankle braces may help support the ankle joint while the soft tissue structures repair themselves. If chronic pain persists or reinjury continues, surgery may be required. An arthroscopic technique can often be used to remove or cauterize the painful synovitis. Loose ligaments can also be tightened to prevent future injury.

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