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Worried about the risk of amputation due to diabetes?

Are you tired of struggling with foot pain or discomfort that affects your daily life?

Frustrated with diabetic neuropathy affecting your balance and keeping you up at night?

Diabetic foot complications can disrupt your daily life. Numbness, wounds, and pain can hinder your activities and independence. Our specialized care aims to restore your mobility, allowing you to KEEP YOUR INDEPENDENCE!



1. Call to schedule  

Our receptionists schedule appointments that consider your availability and preferences. 

2. Visit the office

Work hand in hand with your specialist to customize a treatment plan to your needs!

3. Live pain free

Enjoy your pain free feet and get back to living your best life!


A. J.

Recently diagnosed as diabetic, I must be careful with my feet. Dr. collard and Lisa were so nice and informative as they took care of my nails. I will always let them take care of them in the future.

A. H. late October of 2022, they suggested that I should have some diabetic shoes. I was able to pick them up in early December. During mid 2023, my knees would hardly permit me to stand from a seated position, to sit down from a standing position, or to go either up or down stairs. Dr. Collard made a referral. The result has been a literal life changer for me in more ways than one. At InStride, they seem to care for me. I am grateful.

D. M.

I'm glad I can get my feet checked out here instead of driving all over the state to get the care I need with my feet. I'm a diabetic, and I used to see another Dr but he no longer here. Very well satisfied in the care I receive at this location.

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