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Are you tired of starting each day with excruciating heel pain that hinders your every step?

Is heel pain keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities and hobbies?

Does your heel pain impact your productivity at work or affect your overall quality of life?

Whether you're experiencing stabbing sensations, throbbing discomfort, or chronic aches, we're here to help. With custom treatment plans and a compassionate approach, we aim to get you back on your feet, pain-free, so you can enjoy life to the fullest!



1. Call to schedule  

Our receptionists schedule appointments that consider your availability and preferences. 

2. Visit the office

Show up and receive your customized treatment plan!

3. Live pain free

Enjoy your pain free feet and get back to living your best life!

A. J.

Recently diagnosed as diabetic, I must be careful with my feet. Dr. collard and Lisa were so nice and informative as they took care of my nails. I will always let them take care of them in the future.

A. H. late October of 2022, they suggested that I should have some diabetic shoes. I was able to pick them up in early December. During mid 2023, my knees would hardly permit me to stand from a seated position, to sit down from a standing position, or to go either up or down stairs. Dr. Collard made a referral. The result has been a literal life changer for me in more ways than one. At InStride, they seem to care for me. I am grateful.

D. M.

I'm glad I can get my feet checked out here instead of driving all over the state to get the care I need with my feet. I'm a diabetic, and I used to see another Dr but he no longer here. Very well satisfied in the care I receive at this location.



Dr. Brackney is excellent, my pain in my left heel had gotten so intense, I limped when I walked, he fixed the problem with my 1st visit to him, my pain went from a constant 10+ to maybe a 1 or 0.

Brought my client (I’m a home care aid) and had an excellent experience. Her appointment was at a different location and they accepted and got us in there anyway. They were very kind, considerate and caring. They treated her with respect and helped her feel better. I am thankful for the care she received and we will be recommending her friends to this place!

This was my first visit for a heel/foot issue and I was very pleased! They were very thorough and did not make me feel rushed at all! Monika and Dr. Shipley both spent time explaining my injury and the steps to get me healthy and active again. I would definitely recommend anyone with ankle/foot pain to go see them!

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