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Achilles Tendon Injury Management

Achilles tendon injuries can be debilitating, affecting mobility and quality of life.

Recognizing the signs and seeking timely care from a podiatrist is essential for effective management and a successful recovery.

Signs and Symptoms: Achilles tendon injuries often present with:

  • Pain and stiffness in the back of the ankle or heel

  • Swelling and tenderness along the tendon

  • Difficulty with activities such as walking, running, or jumping

  • Audible popping or snapping sound at the time of injury in severe cases

Our Treatment Approach: At our podiatry office, we offer comprehensive care for Achilles tendon injuries to promote healing and restore function.There are many different problems that can cause pain in the back of the heel and along the Achilles tendon. Some range from chronic to acute. You need to know what your problem is, why it is happening to YOU, and what can you do about it.

A customized treatment plan will be made to help give you the best opportunity to get you back on your feet. We closely monitor patient's healing progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. No, not everyone needs surgery. Many do not, but if they do, our skilled podiatric surgeons use the latest and best proven methods and advanced techniques. With our expert guidance and personalized treatment plans, individuals can expect significant improvement in symptoms and a return to their desired level of activity.

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