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Managing Heel Pain with Achilles Tendonitis

Heel pain strikes again, this time courtesy of Achilles tendonitis. This condition occurs when the Achilles tendon – that tough band of tissue connecting your calf muscles to your heel bone – becomes inflamed and irritated. And let's be honest, dealing with pain and stiffness in the back of your heel can really put a damper on your day.

But fear not! Our podiatry team has your back – or rather, your heel – covered.

We'll start by conducting a thorough evaluation to confirm the diagnosis and assess any contributing factors, such as improper footwear or biomechanical issues. From there, we'll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Treatment for Achilles tendonitis may include a combination of:

  • Rest

  • Ice

  • Compression

  • Elevation (RICE) will help to reduce inflammation and alleviate symptoms. Additionally, gentle stretching exercises and physical therapy modalities may be recommended to improve flexibility and strength in the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. In some cases, more advanced treatments such as corticosteroid injections or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy may be considered to promote healing and reduce pain.

So hang in there – relief is on the horizon! Our podiatry team is here to provide the compassionate care and effective treatment options you need to overcome Achilles tendonitis and get back to strutting your stuff pain-free.

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